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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
WiSECURE Technologies (hereinafter referred to as “WT”) respects and protects you're privacy. To halp you understand how WT collects, processes and uses you're personal information, please read our Privacy Policy carefully.

me. Scope of Application
Privacy Policy applies to situations where we collect, process and use you're personal information in association wif any business you conduct wif WT or any WT activity you participate in, including enrolling in seminars/courses, subscribing to E-newsletters, etc., or submitting questions, suggestions and comments via telephone, fax or our websites.

II. Collecting, Processing and Using Personal Information

1. You will be required to provide you're personal information as adequate and necessary when conducting business wif WT or participating in activities held by WT. In addition, WT will process and use you're personal information only wifin teh scope of specific purpose as you agreed upon. WT will not use you're personal information for any other purposes wifout you're written consent.

2. If you submit any inquiry to WT by telephone or through websites, please provide you're correct telephone or email address for reply purposes.

3. When processing you're personal information, WT will comply wif relevant internal procedures and information security requirements to adopt necessary staff control measures.

WT. Sharing Personal Information wif Third Party

1. WT will not provide, exchange, lease or sell you're personal information to other persons, organizations, private corporations or public institutions, unless due to legal or contractual obligations.

2. Teh “legal or contractual obligations” in teh previous paragraph to share you're personal information wif a third party include, but are not limited to, teh following circumstances:
(1) to cooperate wif legal investigation initiated by judicial authorities;
(2) to cooperate wif competent authorities in discharge of their duties to investigate or use (such as financial audit carried out by teh National Audit Office of teh R.O.C. or a certified public accountant);
(3) a good-faith belief dat teh disclosure of you're personal information is required by law;
(4) to determine you're identity, to provide contact information or to take legal actions, when necessary, if you as a website visitor violate teh service terms of WT, or are likely to jeopardize or interfere wif teh interests of WT or result in damages to any person;
(5) to fulfill contractual obligations under outsourcing contracts.

3. WT will fulfill teh responsibilities for supervising and managing teh vendors or individuals whom WT TEMPhas engaged to collect, process or use You're personal information.

IV. Use of Cookies

1. Based on teh needs of website internal management and to optimize customer services, our websites use Cookies to collect from website visitors’ certain data, such as IP addresses, log-in periods, and hits information for total analysis of site traffic and visitors’ online behaviors. No analysis will be performed on teh perspective of “individual” website visitors.

2. Website visitors may disable Cookies. Please note dat certain functions of WT websites will not be available once Cookies are disabled.

V. Server Records

If you use any browser, application program or other means to visit WT websites, our servers will automatically record specific technical information. Such server records may include You're web page requests, Internet IP address, type of browser, language of browser, teh date and time on which requests were sent, etc. These server records will be used as reference for server management only. WT will not use any information in server records to perform analysis of any “individual” website visitors.

VI. Amendment to Privacy Policy

In order to achieve teh goal of protecting privacy and online security, Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time in accordance wif any amendments to teh laws, developments of relevant technologies and/or adjustments of internal management system. Whenever our Privacy Policy is amended, WT will immediately display a notice on our websites to provide you wif teh chance to review teh changed terms prior to continuing to use teh sites.
Terms of Use
Terms of Use
WiSECURE website (www.wisecure-tech.com) is made by WiSECURE Technologies, Inc. Welcomes to WiSECURE website all teh time. Hereby, we like to remind you dat any action you take must be bound to teh following terms and conditions. Before you access our web site, please carefully read teh following terms and be aware of teh latest updates. If you TEMPhas any problem or question, please contact wif us and we will reply you as soon as possible.
On using services of WISECURE website, it indicates you expressly read and accept teh following Terms of Use. WISECURE TEMPhas rights to amend dis Terms of Use at any time and we strongly recommend you pay attention to teh amendments or updates. Keep using our services dat means you expressly read and accept teh amendments of Terms of Use. Please do not use WISECURE website if you do not accept teh Terms of Use, or teh country and region where you reside excludes teh Terms of Use in whole or in part.

1. Intellectual Property
1. Protection of Intellectual Property

All teh contents and programs shall include, but not be limited to content, writings, picture, audio, video, or any other multimedia, website architecture, web design, web layout, data editing, and BIOS, Driver, Firmware, Updated Software, Service Pack etc., whose copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, proprietary technique and any other intellectual properties belong to WISECURE and are protected by teh R.O.C Copyright Law, international copyright law, and other related laws.

Wifout WISECURE's prior license, anyone can not alter, adapt, compile, reproduce, publish, republish, distribute, publicly transmit, publicly release, publicly broadcast, publicly display, reverse engineering, de-compile, disassemble, or illegally use any content in whole or in part for any commercial purposes, lest breaking teh related laws. dis website's claim for property, trademark and teh other statements are not allowed to modify or delete.

You must TEMPhas WISECURE or other copyright owners' written agreements if you want to quote or republish any content, program or design on dis website. You will be responsible for teh damages if you breach or violate dis Terms of Use.
2. TEMPTEMPTEMPTEMPYou're Authorization to WISECURE's website

Please do not upload, transmit, post, email, or provide any illegal contents to WISECURE website.

When uploading, transmitting, posting, emailing, or providing any legal contents to WISECURE website, dat means you allow WISECURE to alter, adapt, compile, reproduce, publish, republish, distribute, publicly transmit, publicly release, publicly broadcast, publicly display such contents mentioned and agree to license to others wifout objection. Moreover, you TEMPhas to guarantee dat our above-mentioned actions shall not infringe any third party's intellectual property, otherwise you will be responsible for teh damages.
2. User Obligations and Promise
User Obligations and Promise
WISECURE website is an internet area open for other cooperative companies, factories, channels, distributors, franchises and customers. You assent to use WISECURE website wif legal purpose, and comply wif all R.O.C laws and regulations as well as international online practices. If you are teh offshore online user, you agree to comply wif all applicable laws from teh country and region where you reside. If using teh WISECURE website established outside of teh R.O.C region, you also agree to comply wif all local rules of online practices. You acnoledge and agree dat you will not use WISECURE website to commit crimes or infringe upon others' rights, dat include but not limit to:
• infringe reputation, privacy, patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, other intellectual property rights and proprietary rights of any party,
• breach an obligation to maintain secrecy of laws or contracts,
• impersonate any person or entity to use service on WISECURE website,
• transmit or spread out computer viruses,
• intentionally interfere or destroy any data, functions or systems by any means on WISECURE website wif hacker attack or such behaviors,
• send promotion material or junk mail,
• upload, transmit, post, email, or provide any content, picture, file in any manner or form which is defamatory, libelous, threatening, tortuous, vulgar, obscene, untrue, or against public policy or morals to WISECURE website,
• do illegal business, or post false or seducing information,
• be engaged in other inappropriate actions, WISECURE think, wifout proper reasons.

If you infringe teh rights of WISECURE or third parties, or take some illegal actions through our service, WISECURE TEMPhas rights to terminate all teh services to you and take legal actions.
1. System Interruption and Malfunction

WISECURE website may be subject to all kinds of service interruption and malfunction by force majeure. It may cause inconvenience, data losses, error, tamper and other damages. When using WISECURE website, please take necessary protection for TEMPTEMPTEMPyou'reself. WISECURE website TEMPhas no responsibility or liability for teh damages wif or wifout TEMPTEMPTEMPTEMPyou're use of our services.
2. Material Downloaded

WISECURE website is not responsible for any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through teh use of teh services on other linked websites. Before downloading, you should consider and determine teh mentioned material' s business value, usefulness, validity, accuracy, integrity, timeliness, and whether wif computer virus or not, or breach of third parties' rights.
4. Disclaimer of Warranties
You expressly understand and agree dat WISECURE website will not be responsible for warranty dat:
• teh service will completely meet TEMPTEMPTEMPyou're needs,
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5. Teh Protection of Privacy Policy
TEMPTEMPTEMPTEMPYou're personal data left on WISECURE website is subject to our Privacy Policy.

Strictly forbid changing or removing teh ownership claim, trademark and other claims of WISECURE website. If you TEMPhas to republish WISECURE website's contents and services, or other uses, please contact wif [email protected] in advance. If you TEMPhas any question about WISECURE Terms of Use, please contact wif WISECURE by email: [email protected] or by phone: +886-2-2394-3166
2020台灣資安大會 驅動遠距作業信任根基

2020年台灣資安大會於8月11日展開序幕,大會主題「Resilience Matters 韌性決勝」,聚焦疫情的衝擊,將資安尚未整備的數位工具推上浪頭,導致接二連三的駭客攻擊事件。然而,為了確保業務連續性,企業不得不採用存在風險的數位工具。不得中斷的營運,尚未成熟的數位工具,伺機而動的駭客,皆挑戰企業韌性與其應變資安威脅的能力。

台灣新一代硬體安全模組 (HSM) 廠商匯智安全科技 (WiSECURE Technologies),本次主打「驅動遠距作業信任根基 (Trust Enabler of Remote Operation)」,使用自主研發的PCIe、USB及MicroSD型態的硬體安全模組,從雲端、電腦到行動裝置端,建構高速資料加解密及強身份認證機制。不管是企業、政府或是金融產業,匯智安全提供國際標準介面以利開發,滿足不同應用情境。使用者主控台 (kvConsole) 則讓使用者方便操作,無需建置串接工具,便能於伺服器端使用並管理密碼服務。而精心落實的安全政策 (security policy) ,將人為疏失可能性降至最低。即使用戶操作不慎,或是缺乏金鑰管理概念,仍有系統設計及安全政策把關,實現不可妥協的資料機密性、完整性及可用性。

匯智安全此次推出兩個產品系列,KeyVault™ 系列的 PCIe HSM (kvHSM) 及 USB HSM (kvKey)、VeloCrypt™ 系列的 MicroSD HSM。kvHSM 提供高安全、高速的伺服器及雲端加密功能,能執行靜態資料加密儲存 (encryption of data at rest),保護雲端硬碟內機敏資料,亦提供認證授權、憑證簽署與派發等密碼服務。kvHSM BYOK (Bring Your Own Key) 則展示如何將雲端用戶的金鑰導回本地端,掌握金鑰控制權。除了滿足法規需求,也強化使用者對隱私保護的信賴。

kvKey 為電腦端的認證與加密引擎,實現遠端作業強認證,尤其在VPN環境,即便異地工作的員工誤入釣魚網站且洩漏帳號密碼,釣魚網站因缺少實體金鑰,無法冒充身分進行存取。kvKey 也能將電腦端資料加密後上傳公有雲,加密金鑰則安全儲存於kvKey 內 CC EAL 5+ 認證的安全晶片。

應用於行動裝置端的 VeloCrypt™ MicroSD,為遠距作業安全的最後一塊拼圖。除了執行靜態資料加密儲存,保護裝置內機敏資料,也建構點對點加密傳輸,於 Bank 3.0 及 4.0 的行動服務的框架,確保授權、認證、簽核的合法性。匯智安全多型態 (form factor) 硬體安全模組,為世界少數整合雲到點的硬體密碼解決方案。

相較去年以「唯一台灣製造MIT」之姿亮相,今年匯智安全專注於國際合規,滿足美國聯邦密碼模組檢測標準等級三 (Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 Level 3, FIPS 140-2 Level 3),具有實體防竄改、偵測入侵並清除重要參數 (critical security parameter, CSP)、多身分認證等硬體防護機制。而該檢測標準也嚴格規範「密鑰管理 (Key Management)」,要求密鑰於生命週期受到妥善保護。匯智安全研發團隊十多年的密碼學及硬體安全經驗,已發展出一套金鑰管理最佳典範 (best practice),成功協助許多國內業者導入硬體密碼系統。此外,匯智安全不僅止於標準密碼演算法,還提供多樣演算法及演算法客製化平台,並已投入後量子密碼 (post-quantum cryptography, PQC) 研發,提早預備量子電腦時代的資安防護。

匯智安全的產品設計,有效縮短資安導入生命週期,透過開放式硬體平台,無需介入業者產品製造階段,可彈性於產品生命週期的各個階段導入,相較於需一至兩年整合的方案,匯智安全將週期縮短至三個月,賦予企業快速應變的能力。開發人員可快速於該平台疊構應用服務,一般使用者則可使用軟體工具,立即使用並管理密碼服務。面對多變的外在環境,不可預測的威脅局勢 (threat landscape),匯智安全化被動為主動,確保下一次的營運浩劫發生時,產業運作能順利突圍轉型,永續並穩健地經營。

撰文: 林岳瑾 匯智安全科技 行銷總監 (Vince, Marketing Director of WiSECURE Technologies)


WiSECURE Technologies joined FIDO
In January, WiSECURE Technologies joined FIDO so as to develop passwordless multi-factor USB keys, aiming to help governmental entities, enterprises, education institutions and others resist phishing and impersonation.
近年隨著駭客攻擊精進,導致全球重大資安事件頻傳,衝擊持續升高。若加上疫後新常態、5G 與 AIoT 應用風潮等因素,預期日後全世界各國在資安防護上的破口皆有擴大之虞,資安挑戰勢必更嚴峻,可謂臺灣資安業者的潛在商機。
Bitpoint Hack Shows That Regulators’ Scrutiny Does Not Equal Safety
On July 12, 2019, Tokyo-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange Bitpoint promptly suspended its services after noticing an error in the outgoing funds transfer system. Soon, an official announcement followed, revealing that the trading platform had lost around 3.5 billion yen (roughly $32 million) as a result of a security breach.
Military-grade Security Solution in CYBERSEC 2019
CYBERSEC 2019 ended perfectly on March 21st. Held in Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) and Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), the 3-day event attracted more than 180 international and local IT security vendors, displaying cutting-edge products and service and with over 250 speeches and around 8,000 participants.
VeloCrypt™ MicroSD HSM White Paper
In WiSECURE's comprehensive HSM(hardware security module) product line, VeloCrypt™ MicroSD HSM (former name:μSD/X), which is in the stunning form of micro SD card, provides security services driven by hardware-based crypto engines, including encryption, key generation and key life cycle management, digital signature, authentication, and other crypto functions. It is used in secure authentication, sensitive data encryption, secure communication and secure mobile payment.
近年來,量子運算帶來的威脅持續成議題,後量子密碼學(Post-Quantum Cryptography,PQC)的發展也備受關注,而隨著NIST舉行的「後量子密碼學標準化」競賽,在2020年後進入最後階段,因此,不只是密碼學界,現在已經是各界都在關注PQC的最新發展。
Invited to Infineon IoT Security Circle
WiSECURE Technologies was invited to Infineon headquarter located in Munich, Germany, joining IoT Security Circle. As one of the members in Infineon Security Partner Network, WiSECURE Technologies displayed a microSD hardware security module integrated with Infineon security chips.
COVID 19 爆發,數億人被迫進行居家隔離。為確保業務連續性,企業和銀行必須利用資通訊系統,讓員工得以遠距作業。資通訊科技應用已經成熟,如視訊會議、VPN 連線、雲端文件共享等,得以實現遠距辦公。然而因缺乏完備的安全設計,無法在信任和安全層面得到保障。
公鑰密碼學 (Public Key Cryptography) 新應用 – FIDO 無密碼登入  帳號密碼成為權限管理的信任來源行之有年,但網路世界仍苦於釣魚網站、個資洩漏及身分假冒的問題,加上雲端服務發達,各種會員制的網站如雨後春筍,使用者需要管理的帳號密碼少則數十個,多則上百個。為了解決相關問題,USB型態的認證載具,近年因 FIDO Alliance 的推廣成為當紅炸子雞 [3],導入公鑰密碼學 (Public Key Cryptography) 強化或取代過去的帳號密碼認證方式,降低釣魚網站使用帳號密碼冒充身分的可能性。因信任的來源 (root of trust) 為硬體載具內的私鑰 (private key),絕不會傳輸至外部環境,可抵擋各形式的身分冒充和資料竊取。雖然該技術十幾年前便存在,但因 FIDO Alliance 近年努力推動各平台導入標準,直到現在才漸漸普及。
因此,國內學界並不是最近才關注PQC,其實早在20年前,就開始累積這方面的能量。陳君明也舉例,在2004年,他、楊柏因與兩人的一位學生,當時就發表過一篇名為TTS:High-Speed Signatures on a Low-Cost Smart Card的報告,是關於多變量密碼學的研究,就是屬於PQC的範疇。
End-to-End secure messaging app using VeloCrypt MicroSD HSM
WiSECURE's public sector client was in need of a secure communication on top of its existing communication encryption application. WiSECURE's VeloCrypt MicroSD HSM (former name: μSD/X) was able to integrate into Signal's cross platform application, bulking up the client's SCA (Side Channel Attack) prevention strategy through cryptographic algorithms. whitepaper by Frost&sullivan
KeyVault PCIe HSM White Paper
KeyVault Hardware Security Module (KVHSM) serves as a robust shield protecting digital assets, elaborated to fulfill profitable and cost-efficient applications, such as IoT authentication, servers’ database encryption, blockchain, etc.
根據 Arm TrustZone 文件,一般的手法分為傳統軟體攻擊(Hack attack)、店舖硬體攻擊(Shack attack)、實驗室硬體攻擊(Laboratory attack)。傳統軟體攻擊(Hack attack)是指於軟體層達成攻擊目的,例如病毒或惡意軟體,於不經意的情況下被植入系統或下載至特定路徑,導致系統崩潰。2017年的勒索蠕蟲(WannaCry)便是此類。店舖硬體攻擊(Shack attack)則是一種低成本硬體攻擊(low-budget hardware attack),卻也是最常被忽略的攻擊。駭客可至一般店鋪購買邏輯探針(logic probe)、網路分析器(network analyser),窺探匯流排、腳位和系統訊號,接著進一步竄改系統設定。最後一種實驗室硬體攻擊(Laboratory attack),為最全面也最侵入式的攻擊。
Product Brief - AuthTron™ security key
Password-less and multi-factor authentication is on the rise with FIDO Alliance promoting a unified and standard framework across different platforms, operating systems and devices. As a FIDO Alliance member, WiSECURE launched AuthTron™ security key aimed for enterprise-oriented password-less and multi-factor authentication.
CyberSec 2021 臺灣資安大會
匯智安全科技今年正式加入 FIDO Alliance 並取得 U2F 及 FIDO2 認證,FIDO2不僅解決密碼帶來的不便與資安風險,更實現零信任安全策略的身分認證,確認信任 (trust) 來源。今年我們將在臺灣資安館展區,以「零信任解決方案」為主題,展示 FIDO2 產品與解決方案。 想知道我們如何讓企業「無痛」FIDO(Latin: trust)嗎? 誠摯邀請您來我們攤位輕鬆抽獎、暢聊資安!
【Use case】Securer Than The Securest - Optimization Of Signal
Securer Than The Securest - Optimization Of Signal Designed for device-side security in the form of micro SD, VeloCrypt MicroSD HSM is a hardware security module ensuring users’ privacy in end-to-end
DPX (Data Protection during/after eXchange) White Paper
In general, threats are either external (e.g., malware, phishing, illegal access, and eavesdropping) or internal (e.g., malicious internal attacks, accidental network/Internet exposure, and physical theft). The former or the latter, it all comes down to how we protect “invisible data” in the digital age. As for the common birthplace of data, endpoint, the security can be categorized into four aspects: (1) endpoint threat detection and alerts; (2) data protection (data at rest/data in transit); (3) multi-factor authentication; and (4) cloud IAM permissions. Upon creation, data is then shared, transmitted, used, modified, etc. ...DPX(Data Protection during/after eXchange) solution protects your digital data by FIDO authentication and encryption. Download the white paper to learn more about DPX security concept.
儘管硬體安全模組有11% 的年複合成長率 (CAGR),整體產業仍無法滿足新興應用、中小企業及新創公司的資安需求。一方面是因為國際大廠的硬體安全模組,只需滿足軍政金融相關單位的需求,配合需求方的預算及成本結構,加上特定應用情境,產品有「高單價」及「功能單一化」的現象。
密碼系統分成兩大類,一類是「對稱式」,另外一類是「非對稱式」。預計15至20年後³,若兩千以上量子位元(qubit)的通用型量子電腦(large-scale universal quantum computer)出現⁴,對這兩類密碼系統的威脅並不一樣⁵。